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Steel And The Environment

Steel is the most recyclable and also the most recycled material in the world. At the end of their lifecycle, all steel products or products with a high steel content can be entirely reused multiple times without losing their intrinsic properties. Thanks to these characteristics, steel is a very environmentally friendly material that can be considered a “green” product in all respects.

What is more, by increasing investments in electrical furnaces – which are fed entirely with recycled materials, i.e. scrap metal – the production of “green” steel is constantly growing at a global level compared to traditional steel-making in blast furnaces. The endless “recyclability” of steel is one of the best arguments and environmental guarantees that the steel industry can provide and means that steel-making comes very close to the concept of “circular” economy while also complying with “sustainable development” requirements.

Steel And The Environment
Riva Acciaio Caronno Pertusella VA

Since steel is produced exclusively in electric furnaces in our plants, Riva Group is fully in line with this production philosophy. Environmental protection is a critically important goal for our Group.

With this goal in mind, the Group has established and constantly updated a strict environmental policy for many years that has been adopted at all plants and is aimed at making production, products and services fully sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With this policy, all plants have been provided with modern integrated environmental management systems, whose compliance with internationally relevant regulations such as ISO 14001 has been certified.

Steel And The Environment
Brandenburger Elektrostahlwerke GmbH

All plants apply the “best available techniques” (BAT) that have been identified at European and international level. After a strict verification process by the relevant regional and national authorities, all Group sites have obtained the necessary authorisations to operate plants with comprehensive monitoring programmes for emission sources/emissions.