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Steel and progress

Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in major industries and technologies that have played a key role for centuries in the development of civilisation. Steel has a broad range of important applications. It has been able to facilitate and promote progress thanks to its unique and valuable features, such as its high resistance to pressure, temperature, weather conditions and corrosion and its special flexibility and ductility, which make it possible to plastically deform this material significantly without breaking it.

Steel and progress
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Steel has been exploited to its full potential and has permeated all aspects of our lives. It has made our cities, homes, workplaces, vehicles and all sorts of tools more modern, more efficient and safer thanks to the major organisational, production-related and financial innovation processes that the modern steel industry has undergone.

In recent decades, new technologies have been introduced into the steel industry to guarantee higher levels of production, greater safety and better environmental protection. Steel has become a highly advanced material at the cutting edge of technology.