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Riva Group is Italy's largest steel producer and the fifth biggest player in the European steel industry. Founded in 1954 by Emilio Riva, a pioneer in postwar Italian steel, the Group has specialised in the manufacturing of “long” products using electric arc steelworks, and in 60 years of business it has achieved an international leadership, expanding in the main European countries, thanks to high production standards and to a focused and steady strategy of growth and investments.

Chaired by Claudio Riva since May 2014, the Group is privately owned and employs over 4,700 people, with an increasingly qualified presence of high school and university graduates. It has 21 industrial plants located in the following countries: five in Italy, seven in France, three in Germany, two in Belgium, one in Spain and one in Canada. Besides this, nine marketing companies and two scrap recovery centres belong to the Group.


In over 60 years of activity, the Riva Group has succeeded in achieving internationally recognized leadership. In 2016, the Riva Group produced over 6.3 million tons of steel and achieved revenues of over 2.5 billion euros.

Riva Group produced over 6.3 million tons and achieved revenues of over 2.5 billion euros, maintaining an important market share in "long" products - over 10% at European level (EU-28 ) - which confirms its leadership position in this important market segment.

The Group carried out also in 2016 an important investment’s program (worth about 64 million euros) aimed at improving the quality of products and processes, of safety conditions in the plants and of environmental compatibility of production.

The Group supplies different product areas, some of which - for example mechanics engineering, automotive and earth-moving machines - demand especially high quality standards. Production includes drawn, peeled and ground steel items derived from further cold-rolling processing.