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Reach Policies

REACH is the European Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals and was passed in 2006. Over time, the REACH regulation replaced several European Community directives on chemical substances and achieved a complementary function to other environmental and safety regulations.

Riva Group has followed the evolution and implementation of the REACH regulation since its beginnings and has constantly monitored the safety of the chemicals produced and used in its production processes for human health and the environment.

According to the REACH criteria, the Group’s plants are considered manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals at the same time, therefore our steel products fall within the definition of an “Article” as specified in the regulation. The consistent interpretation of the “ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) guidance on the requirements for substances in articles under REACH” leads Eurofer to conclude that steel products are “articles not intended to release substances” that therefore do not need to be registered (art. 7.1.a and 7.1.b).

REACH policies
Hennigsdorfer Elektrostahlwerke GmbH

The Group guarantees that it will constantly monitor the development of legislation and is committed to providing all information required promptly, should the regulations change. The company closely follows the development of the REACH regulation and ensures that it will meet all the requirements and guarantee the dissemination and exchange of information in its plants and along production and commercial chains.