SAM - Montereau

Sam Montereau

1973: Willi KORF and the Société Métallurgique de Normandie (SMN) establish the company Société des Aciéries de Montereau (SAM) in the Paris region to produce steel for reinforced concrete following the model of mini-steelworks: electric furnace, continuous casting for billets, rolling mill. Located in the heart of an area for both scrap production (raw material) and consumption of steel for producing rebars, the establishment is connected by a road and rail network as well as the Seine River.

1975: The first casting and rolling operations take place in April 1975.

1984: The Société des Aciéries de Montereau is sold to UNIMETAL. The NERSAM patent is registered in France, the first steel for reinforced concrete with 4 rows of latches aiming to improve the behavior of steel crown in reeling and shaping.

1993: After UNIMETAL was dispersed, a new entity is created with the name SAM (Société des Aciers d’arMature du béton) which regrouped USINOR Group’s business in concrete reinforcing steel products comprising the two steel mills at Montereau and Neuves-Maisons, as well as the processing workshops.

1995: USINOR sells SAM and its subsidiaries to the British group ASW (Allied Steel and Wire).

2000: RIVA Group acquires SAM and its subsidiaries.

2001: The billet section is increased to 130 x 130 mm in continuous casting, which can be obtained after rolling coils of 1.8 tons instead of 1.5 tons.

2002: SAM Montereau adopts the cold rolling process with 4 wire-drawing lines.

2003: SAM Montereau obtains ISO 9001 certification, version 2000. A new furnace for reheating billets with a capacity of 150 tons per hour is installed at the mill.

Sam Montereau - qualité

2007: The organizational system is fully under control and able to guarantee quality, safety and environment / continuous improvement of communication, organization, documentation, performance / commitment to a sustainable development strategy. 2007: SAM Montereau obtains OHSAS 18001 (1999) – ISO 14001 (2004) certification.

In 2007 SAM Montereau obtains OHSAS 18001 (1999) – ISO 14001 (2004) certification

The SAM plant located at Montereau produces continuous casting billets, further developing weldable reinforced concrete steels in wound coils, smooth machine wire, crenellated rough wire coils for weldable reinforced concrete and welded mesh.


The following equipment in the steel mill makes this possible:

  • electric arc furnace with double ladle and a capacity of 100 tons
  • pocket furnace for steel refining
  • continuous 6-line casting installation


The rolling mill on the site also has the following equipment:

  • 150 t/hour billet reheating furnace
  • line of wire rolling mill
  • automatic system for compacting, binding and labelling
  • wire-drawing lines (4)

In addition, the site has more than 2 transformation lines for welded mesh.