Iton Seine - Bonnieres Sur Seine

1916: After acquiring several hectares of land in Bonnières, on the banks of the Seine, the industrialist Louis PIRET starts manufacturing steel in piles for the Army, in February 1916.

1918: The establishment is renamed Usines Métallurgiques de Saint-Eloi (Steel Factory of Saint Eloi).

1956: Development of a process for re-rolling rails that have been decommissioned by the French railways, to produce high-adhesion ribbed round iron for reinforced concrete. Gradually, this product gains a foothold in the French market and abroad under the name CRELOI (1957).

1973: Due to the gradual decrease in rails for re-rolling, some French manufacturers and the French scrap company Compagnie Française des Ferrailles (CFF) decide to adopt the model of Italian mini-mills and to supply the rolling mill with steel produced in electric furnaces.

They create the company Iton Seine, and build an electric steelworks right next to the rolling mill. The first electric furnace casting takes place in November 1973.

Bonnières sur Seine

1976: In February 1976, RIVA Group acquires the majority stake in Iton Seine, absorbs the factories of Saint-Eloi and continues the steel and rolling mill business with 225 employees.

Later on, technological innovations (reheating furnace, in-line rolling mill...) set up at Iton Seine make it possible to considerably increase both steel and reinforced concrete bars production, which triples over the next fifteen years.


The Iton Seine plant in Bonnières sur Sein produces continuous casting billets and then develops weldable steel for reinforced concrete in smooth or ribbed rebars.


  • electric arc furnace with a capacity of 74 tons protected by doghouse
  • pocket furnace for steel refining
  • continuous 5-line casting installation
  • smoke capture and processing installation
  • closed circuit for direct and indirect cooling waters

The rolling mill on the site also has the following equipment:


  • billet reheating furnace with regenerative heat recovery burner
  • roughing line with 9 overhang cages equipped with intermediate mill and finishing mill
  • tempcore for cooling and treatment of rolled elements
  • shears (2), cooling plates (2)
  • weighing and labeling line with 4 storage spans