Acor - Creil

1875: The factory is created by MM. GUTTIN and LANDOIS from a small workshop manufacturing wire and spikes.

1885: The business is taken over by M. De HENNAU, Engineer of Arts & Manufactures.

1897: The factory becomes the S.A. des Forges, Tréfilerie et Pointerie de CREIL, manufacturing diverse products: wire from bright, annealed, galvanized, tinned and nickel-plated steel; spikes, iron nails, rivets...

1920: De Wendel Group acquires the factory and develops the machine wire business.

1980: Merger with TREFILUNION from the SACILOR Group, and the plant specializes in the manufacture of product for the reinforcement of concrete: welded mesh and high-adhesion wire.

Acor Creil

1986: The USINOR SACILOR Group sites producing welded mesh and reinforcement are grouped together into a single entity: the company ACOR.

1993: After UNIMETAL was dispersed, a new entity is created with the name SAM (Société des Aciers d’arMature du béton), regrouping the steel for reinforced concrete businesses. The company ACOR becomes a subsidiary of SAM.

1995: USINOR sells SAM and its subsidiaries (including ACOR) to the British group ASW (Allied Steel and Wire).

2000: RIVA Group buys SAM and its subsidiaries (including ACOR). ACOR Creil becomes a transformation unit under SAM by performing contract work on wire rod produced by its parent company.

2001: From 2001 onwards, a policy of compliance and safety of all production tools is implemented.

2003: ACOR Creil obtains ISO 9001 certification, 2000 version, in May 2003.


The ACOR plant located in CREIL produces welded mesh.

The following equipment is available on this site:

  • cold-rolling lines for diameters 4.5 to 9 mm (8)
  • automatic welding lines for wire mesh (4)