Wire rod

Wire rod is a long steel semi-finished product manufactured by hot rolling billets on continuous rolling mills. It has a round cross-section and is wound up in coils.

Unlike other steel products, wire rod exhibits a significant commodity range variety; based on its chemical composition the following families of products and their differing corresponding uses can be identified:

  • mild steel rod, used to manufacture welded mesh and drawn rods (black, annealed and coated)
  • wire rod with medium or high carbon content, used to manufacture drawn
  • welding rod
  • special steel rods used in hot and cold die-pressing, drawing and extrusion.


  • Rods for industrial use
  • Bright rods to be chromium-plate used in house-furnishing, in white goods and agriculture
  • Pre-stressed reinforced steel
  • Wire for electrode and submerged arc continuous welding
  • Spring wires
  • Chains and welded mesh
  • Wires and strands
  • Screws and small metal parts
  • Nails

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